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Oldskool Boyz-he died of an overdose

Released: 9th of January 2023. The idea of the track is based on an oldskool house record called: The Deadkirks with Mr.Kirk, your son is dead. It is a typical Oldskool Boy release with booming techno sounds in the track. Listen to the track on all streams platform across the internet including Spotify and Beatport …

Oldskool Boyz new release: Utorpa

Utorpa is the latest release of Oldskool Boyz. Released at label XCM Records. Utorpa is a mix of techno with opera vocals which gives a very unique sound. Artists NRG and Marquee made two beautiful remixes for this release of Utorpa. Check the complete release with all the remixes here below;

A Pot Of Gold made by Oldskool Boyz

Oldschool Boyz, A Pot Of Gold (Single-Edit and Original Mix)Specially for St.-Patrick’s Day the Oldschool Boyz made a 2-Edit TrackTracks are released at D-Core Records.

Introduction of Oldskool Boyz

Ian Barras: A quick introduction, Ian Barras, as a boy of 14 years old he was already obsessed with music and he made mix tapes, with a double tape deck, with pause and record button, he was working for hours and hours to make mix with a nice flow. During his studies he went more …

Oldskool Boyz-You Are Dominated

At 30th of november this release will be at all webstores for download or stream. Maybe you recognize the sound as in the past a track called “dominator” from Human Resource was released in the ’90’s. “You are dominated” is a new track and is made for the house crossover to techno. Real high energic …

Livestream 13/11/2020

Compilation of the livestream from Ian Barras last friday at the Soap Factory(secret location). Wanna be invited? Please sign up at https://www.facebook.com/groups/xtenx We will keep you updated.Wanna watch the livestream next time? Sign up at https://www.facebook.com/groups/xtenx Keep cool and stay safe #xtenx# #oldskoolboyz #lockstudio #djfun #stayalivedj #techno #club #party #holland #wekeepmovingforwardMinder weergeven

Techno Livestream from djpodium.com

Thanks to “Event Experience Group” to have the possibility to do a livestream from their studio. 3 dj’s : Ian Barras(deep house-Techno), Emilio Canta(Techno) and Perry Owens(Techno). Enjoy the livestream. Thanks to djpodium.com to make this happen on 01/08/2020.

If you like techno: A Night in Frankfurt

The release of this very nice track have made a lot of people dancing. #ianbarras #spotify #anightatfrankfurt #techno

“Awake” soon to be released

At 24th of August 2017 “Awake will be released at Azra Digital Records. Great support already from some different worldwide Dj’s. A techno track which can fill your party, listen to the youtube down here. #ianbarras #awake #release #techno #spotify #oldtechno