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Oldskool Boyz feat.Ian Barras & Piva – Zullen We Maar weer.

Oldskool Boyz feat. Ian Barras & Piva – Zullen We Maar Weer… …Een Potje Dansen. Een ode aan de echte Antilliaanse klassieker uit 1982 van Double R. Zullen We Maar Weer… …Een Potje Dansen is nog altijd een hele populaire uitspraak en nummer wat gespeeld wordt.. Het origineel kwam kwam uit in 1982 op het …

Oldskool Boyz-he died of an overdose

Released: 9th of January 2023. The idea of the track is based on an oldskool house record called: The Deadkirks with Mr.Kirk, your son is dead. It is a typical Oldskool Boy release with booming techno sounds in the track. Listen to the track on all streams platform across the internet including Spotify and Beatport …

Oldskool Boyz new release: Utorpa

Utorpa is the latest release of Oldskool Boyz. Released at label XCM Records. Utorpa is a mix of techno with opera vocals which gives a very unique sound. Artists NRG and Marquee made two beautiful remixes for this release of Utorpa. Check the complete release with all the remixes here below;

A Pot Of Gold made by Oldskool Boyz

Oldschool Boyz, A Pot Of Gold (Single-Edit and Original Mix)Specially for St.-Patrick’s Day the Oldschool Boyz made a 2-Edit TrackTracks are released at D-Core Records.

New mixtape online hard trance

If you like trance and for sure the hard stuff, give this mixtape a change to listen. you will enjoy it. Music forever 🙂 . Mixtape with some faster trance tracks to the direction of hard house.

Introduction of Oldskool Boyz

Ian Barras: A quick introduction, Ian Barras, as a boy of 14 years old he was already obsessed with music and he made mix tapes, with a double tape deck, with pause and record button, he was working for hours and hours to make mix with a nice flow. During his studies he went more …

Do you wanna see some action?

Oldskool boyz plays some techno. This is a complilation of his livestream at the secret location in The Netherlands.

Oldskool Boyz – The Princess in Church

It is just the time to release new tracks. New release of Oldskool Boyz at Znas Music. This track will be released at 18 marz 2021 at all digital platforms.

Oldskool Boyz-You Are Dominated

At 30th of november this release will be at all webstores for download or stream. Maybe you recognize the sound as in the past a track called “dominator” from Human Resource was released in the ’90’s. “You are dominated” is a new track and is made for the house crossover to techno. Real high energic …

Oldskool Boyz – Pure

Ian Barras likes pure sounds and with this release he made it. Oldskool Boyz release of a pure and fine soft techno track which has a lot of energic sounds in it. Listen on spotify or just watch the clip of the single edit version. Track is released at Znas Music