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A Pot Of Gold made by Oldskool Boyz

Oldschool Boyz, A Pot Of Gold (Single-Edit and Original Mix)Specially for St.-Patrick’s Day the Oldschool Boyz made a 2-Edit TrackTracks are released at D-Core Records.

Let’s Party Tonight

From a year now Kelly Page, Wendy August and Ian Barras are working together in the studio to release some new tracks. This track “let’s party Tonight” is the first track that’s gonna be released. It is a real summertrack and will make you move to dance. Ian Barras is already releasing tracks for almost …

The summertime is over but not at the dancefloor!

Ian made a long time when it was already 30degrees. So turn on the volume knob and dance on this beautiful deep house track. The vibe is there. #summertime #ianbarras #deephouse #summer #netherlands

“Awake” soon to be released

At 24th of August 2017 “Awake will be released at Azra Digital Records. Great support already from some different worldwide Dj’s. A techno track which can fill your party, listen to the youtube down here. #ianbarras #awake #release #techno #spotify #oldtechno