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New 2202-05 deephouse mixtape online

Enjoy the music of deephouse. Mixtape for listen in the background during cleaning, driving or whatever ­čÖé

Introduction of Oldskool Boyz

Ian Barras: A quick introduction, Ian Barras, as a boy of 14 years old he was already obsessed with music and he made mix tapes, with a double tape deck, with pause and record button, he was working for hours and hours to make mix with a nice flow. During his studies he went more …

The summertime is over but not at the dancefloor!

Ian made a long time when it was already 30degrees. So turn on the volume knob and dance on this beautiful deep house track. The vibe is there. #summertime #ianbarras #deephouse #summer #netherlands

Kelly Page & Ian Barras made a track called:What’s UP)

Kelly Page and Ian Barras are going to work together for some tracks. The first track is called “What’s Up” and is released in June 2017 Shortly there will be some more tracks to release. #kellypage #ianbarras #whatsup #dance #deephouse #release #netherlands