Music, a question of taste

As producer/artist you write music as a feeling, emotion and right from the heart.

People can dislike your tracks but it is feeling/emotion from the artist(at the moment he wrote the music)

As personal i do not think that a track can not be bad. As somewhere in the world someone feels the same as when the artist/producer made the track and love it and feels what the artist/producer felt.

I do not understand why lately there are so many genres, EDM, Deephouse, Techhouse, Club, Progressive, House, Hiphop, Tribal, Dubstep, Funk, Trance, Hardhouse, Rap, Pop, Reggae, Rock, Hardcore and so and so on.

Ehhh EDM = Electronic Dance Music, is that not already a genre for all the Club, Techno, Progressive, House etc?

Just stick it with a few as we had in the past: Rock, Pop, House, Rap.  Just easier to understand and we do not need to put a DJ/producer in a special genre corner.

As again: music is a feeling and emotion. So why can not a “House producer” just make a Rap track? As he felt that way when he wanted to make some music.

Just a short story: long time ago there was a club in Rotterdam where they played all kind of music styles. From Acid to Hiphop. Always great nights and saw a lot of different (dressed)people who liked a lot of different styles of music. Remember “Nighttown” as one of the greatest clubs. A shame that this club/stage is closed in 2006.

Did you know that most of all current “oldskool”samples comes from oldskool producers which made big hits in the early 90’s , they started/made the house music. Most of these producers/dj are overruled by the hype big promoted non making music producers/DJ we have lately. Music started to be a product which needed to be branded 🙁

I hope you like my music and if not………… just skip and go the the next track 🙂

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