Oldskool Boyz

the Oldskool Boyz are specialists in Oldschool Music, known from all the major Oldskool Festivals in the Netherlands, Belgium and Ibiza.

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Oldskool Boyz

The Oldskool Boyz are Masters in making Re-Mixes, for acts as: Ian Barras, 2-Sparks and many more.

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Several Languages

The Oldskool Boyz are making songs in several languages as Dutch, English, German, Spanish.

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Oldskool Boyz – Hypnotize (Original Version)

2023, Oct. 11

Oldskool Boyz – Monkey Business (Radio-Version)

2023, June 26

Oldskool Boyz – Zullen We Maar Weer… (…Een Potje Dansen?)

2023, June 11

Oldskool boyz – DisForMa

2023, May. 18

Oldskool Boyz – He Died Of An Overdose (Single-Edit)

2023, Jan. 9

Olskool Boyz – He Died Of An Overdose (Original-Mix)

2023, Jan. 9

Oldskool Boyz – A Pot Of Gold

2022, Nov. 6